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Study in France!

The GEA network is an association of Business & Managment departments from various university institutes of technology throughout France. These departments deliver several diplomas such as the BUT-GEA (3-year undergraduate Business & Managment Degree) or Vocational Bachelor’s degrees. In University Institutes of Technology, the teaching method is a mix between theory and practical exercises, with hand-on tutored projects, or work placements.


The BUT-GEA is a 3-years degree in which you’ll study financial accounting, marketing, contract law, IT environment, applied maths, economics, languages, culture and much more! In our departments, you’ll discover new learning methods thanks to professional role-playing, tutorials, and projects for example. One of our strong point is group work. Indeed, throughout the whole studies, you will have to work with others students in order to build shared projects, carry out research in theoretical classes or prepare presentations in professional teaching.

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Visiting France

During your journey in France, we also will help you to define your career objectives. We will reflect on it together in order to determine the most appropriate way to succeed. So, we will guide you in the discovery of your skills, and we’ll help you define which job matches your choices and strengths.


If you want more information about administrative procedure to come study in France, we advise you to visit


If you are an ERASMUS student, please get in touch with your home institution International Office to check Erasmus+ agreements between your institution and Business & Managment Departments in France.

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